Providing fiduciary standards to mid-sized investors.

Anyone involved in the oversight of, or giving advice to, asset pools which are for the benefit of someone else, has a fiduciary responsibility and obligation…and potential liability. Whether the asset pool is $2 million or $10 billion, this remains true and the same standards apply. That means mid-sized investors can — and should — utilize the same fiduciary standards that large institutions do. FAA makes it possible.

Client advantages include:

  • Providing mid-sized investors with similar investment capabilities and resources that have been previously reserved for multi-billion dollar asset pools.
  • Providing a completely unbiased, un-conflicted investment approach which is based on a well-documented, well-vetted investment protocol.
  • Providing a documented investment policy and assuring implementation adheres to that policy.
  • Providing an investment process, which is repeatable, documented and not dependent on any one individual.
  • Providing a defendable approach to mitigate potential fiduciary liability.
  • Adherence to the latest regulatory and legal considerations.
  • Cost-effective and efficient implementation.