Helping advisors build a scalable Fiduciary Practice

FAA is a community of Fiduciary Advisors who are collaboratively pushing innovation in the area of Fiduciary standards, and making scalable, institutional-quality capabilities more accessible to those at all levels.

Advisor advantages include:

  • Fiduciary investment capabilities: Via FAA partnerships with institutional-caliber capabilities, Members will be able to offer a scalable, high-quality institutional investment counseling service.
  • Presence: The Member achieves an "institutional consulting storefront" benefiting from the vast resources and experience of FAA strategic partners.
  • Fiduciary Standards and Standing: Members of FAA receive support systems and a process that enables advisors to fulfill their fiduciary role.
  • Marketing and “Point of Sale” Support: FAA professionals support new business, and client servicing activities.
  • Scalability: More clients, larger and more profitable clients, and more face-time with them.
  • Monetization/Perpetuation: At some point, advisors may want to monetize their practices. FAA offers an option for the Member to "put" their business related to the FAA platform at some point in the future based on a predetermined valuation metric.

Fiduciary concerns, Fiduciary Advisor Advocates solutions.