Fiduciary Standards Matter

The middle market is an underserved segment when it comes to best-in-class fiduciary standards and a documented, well-researched process. FAA believes middle-market advisors and their clients benefit from an institutional-quality fiduciary process that is scalable and operates without compromise or conflicts.

  • Fiduciary Standards Apply:
    • When assets are advised to or overseen that are for the "benefit of others." For example, the local community trust, endowments, foundations, defined benefit plans, etc.
    • Regardless of size — the same fiduciary responsibility, obligation and potential liability exists whether the fund is $2M or $10B
  • Large Funds Have Advantages Which Smaller Investors Do Not:
    • Hire dedicated internal staff
    • Hire Institutional consultants
    • Hire Master Trustee Banks
    • Negotiate favorable manager terms (power of the dollar)
  • Fiduciary Advisor Advocates:
    • Offers advisors the tools they need to succeed in winning, managing and retaining middle market institutional plans and clients with significant wealth.
    • Assists middle-market advisors in adopting and adapting to their fiduciary role.
    • Provides advisors with a means to monetize, perpetuate and scale their practices.
  • FAA operates as a cooperative by and for its members:
    • Members are advisory firms who share FAA’s guiding principles of fiduciary focus, clarity, transparency and investment-process excellence.
    • Membership is selective, and subject to initial and ongoing due diligence. New members are subject to approval by existing members.
    • Members receive operational and administrative support that helps to both grow and scale their businesses.